During Holy week many families are being creative in their homes reflecting on Easter.

Easter Garden by Ryan and Ellis

Empty Cross by Eli

Colourful eggs by Olivia

Palm Sunday by Sam

Easter Garden by Iris

Easter Gardens by Issie

Photography by Reuben

Easter garden by  Elijah

Designed by Reuben

Flowers by Eli.

Easter nest by Olivia

Colour by Denise

Bookmark by Elijah

Rainbow palm cross by Alison

Water colours by Jacob and Millie

Easter card by Eli

750pc Jigsaw finished in one evening by                                         John and Anne

Colourful Palm branch by Dorothy

Water Prints by Jacob and Millie

Easter Garden by Webbe Family

  Collage by Messy Church 2020

Collage by Messy Church 2019

Messy Church Collage 2014

Messy Church Collage 2017

Messy Church Collage 2018

Messy Church Collage 2015

Easter Garden by Alison

By Elijah

By Anon

Photo By Anne

Butterflies by Irene

Cross and prayer by Kate

Butterflies by Dorothy

Easter Bonnet by Sam and Josh

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